Back on the blog thing

Over the course of the past 20 odd years I have started roughly 72,000 blogs.  I've made about 15 blog posts.  I am not sure why the lure of starting a new blog is so powerful but here we are again.

This attempt actually started off with the idea of blogging about my side projects as I work on them, then I expanded that slightly to projects related to my businesses, things about my life as a tech founder, and related issues but that pushed it away from a strictly business blog to a more personal one and so here we are.

Topics I expect will be covered over time include: Side projects, productivity, books, fitness.  In general it will just be a personal blog.

Given the unfocused nature of it my expectations are more focused on improving my writing skills than building an audience with this one but that is definitely a skill that I need work on so win win.

Anyhow, welcome, I hope you find something of interest.

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Jamie Larson