My minimalist month in the most mini month

I recently finished reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport for the second time.  After the first time last year I filled a bunch of crates with boxes and booked myself a cabin in the woods without wifi to spend a few days reading.  This time I'm staying home.

I've been trialing some of the rules for it over the past week and finding I have so much extra time when not mindlessly scrolling that I have decided to add a bunch of other challenges to the month as well.  I know it isn't recommended to change too much at once and it increases failure probability but when this little is on the line might as well up the stakes.

Digital Minimalism

For the month of February I will only use my computer for work or typing out this blog.  My laptop will stay plugged into my desk the whole month too.  I am going to stop carrying my phone with me and no audiobooks.  I will still allow myself to read on a kindle though I will be trying to mostly read paper books.


I'm a bit of a news addict.  I will get all my news from the Bloomberg mails, my morning brew email and my Economist subscription and no other sources.


Everything I eat will go into my fitness pal.  I won't eat any restaurant prepped food and I will meal plan each week on the Sunday before.  I will prep and segment off snacks so I know how much of them I'm consuming at a time.


I will be in bed by 9pm every night except hockey nights when I can stay up until 10.  I'm not going to set a wake up time, I tend to wake up feeling rested about 6.5-7 hours after I go to sleep anyhow so if I stick to sleep times I'll be up plenty early.


I bought a Peloton bike a few months ago and actually use it pretty regularly but I want to use it more often and for more things.  I'm going to aim 1 hour long ride per week, 5 30 minute rides and 1 15 minute Tabata class.  I also want to finish off the Yoga beginner course and do at least 3 core workouts a week.

I also need to get back to regular lifting so 4x a week for the full month.


No non-essential purchases for the month.

That's it, just a few things.  Shopping should be easy, I have stocked up on books already, diet and news will be the hardest.  Good luck me.

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